Wyclef Jean’s Yele Charity Closes Amidst Financial Mismanagement

    After the devastating earthquake of 2010 that left his native Haiti in ruins, Wyclef Jean vowed to help rebuild the country through his charity Yele. Shortly thereafter, the foundation was intense scrutiny for squandering money on lavish expenses instead of actually helping the people that it was set up to assist.

    When the organization shut down earlier this year, a number of questions regarding financial mismanagement began simmer to the surface. Today’s New York Times article paints an extremely unflattering portrait of the charity and how it did little for Haitians while lining the pockets of others associated with Yele.

    The Times writes, “Even as Yéle is besieged by angry creditors, an examination of the charity indicates that millions in donations for earthquake victims went to its own offices, salaries, consultants’ fees and travel, to Mr. Jean’s brother-in-law for projects never realized, to materials for temporary houses never built and to accountants dealing with its legal troubles.”

    On top of that, the article reports that Yele flew Lindsay Lohan from New Jersey to Chicago for a fundraiser in addition to plunking over $24,000 for Jean to have a chauffeur shuttle him around.


    Even though he sought the presidency in his homeland right after the earthquake, these stunning revelations will leave a dark mark on the former Fugee’s legacy in Haiti.