Wyclef Jean Shot In Haiti?

    Wyclef Jean hasn’t been enjoying the greatest of relations with his people in Haiti of late. Firstly, he was denied a chance to run as president of the country, and now he has been shot in the hand during his time in the city of Delmas. It’s not yet clear whether this was a random act of violence or whether Jean was specifically targeted.


    “I got out of the car and heard gunfire,” he said in an interview with Brit tabloid the Daily Star. “The next day I noticed there was blood on my shirt and speakers. I have no idea who fired the rounds of whether they were shooting at me.” A message on Jean’s Twitter reads: “He is OK. Thank you for you thoughts and prayers.”


    The timing of this incident suggests this may not have been a coincidence; the general election just took place in Haiti yesterday, and Jean’s decision to put himself up as a potential candidate divided people, especially as it looked like he may not have been legally eligible to run. [via NME]


    Update: In an interesting new twist to this tale, authorities in Haiti are denying the shooting actually occurred. Police chief Vanel Lacroix alleges that it was just some cut glass that grazed Jean’s hand, and he claims to have a doctor who will back up such an assertion. It’s hard to tell who is telling the truth here, but presumably Jean will have to step forward to clarify the matter sooner rather than later. [via LATimes]