Wyclef Jean Releases Song For Trayvon Martin, Appears In ‘I Am’ Tribute

    Wyclef Jean has been relatively quiet lately–at least since the end of 2011, when he was accused of misusing funds raised for his charity, Yele Haiti. Nevertheless, the recent Trayvon Martin tragedy has resonated with him, and he just released a free song called “Justice” inspired by the events.

    George Zimmerman, the man who fatally shot Martin, was charged with second-degree murder only a few days ago. He’s the subject of the lines when Wyclef sings, “If you 17 with a hoodie on, watch out for the neighborhood watcher.” The song is mostly electronic drums and synths with some guitar thrown in here and there as he goes down the list of all the things Martin could have been: teacher, astronaut, president.

    In related news, Wyclef also appeared in a support video made by Prescribed and J.Williams called ‘I Am.’ You can listen to and download “Justice,” then watch the clip below.

    I AM from PRESCRIBED on Vimeo.