WWE Hoping To Avoid Copyright Slam Over Eighties Entry Music

    Whether or not the WWE might care that Val Venis is refusing to wrestle over its support of SOPA (odds are it doesn’t), the issue has become sort of an Andre the Giant in the room for the organization. Papa Berg, a self-described “pioneer in the confluence of music and wrestling” and the writer of such songs as “Badstreet USA,” used by the Fabulous Freebirds, as well as “Man Called Sting,” “Simply Ravishing,” and “The Natural” is suing WWE for copyright infringement. Berg says that after being contacted by video game maker THQ about using one of his songs in a video game, he found that the WWE had allegedly “erroneously registered” the copyright to the song and claimed the royalties. The lawsuit will seek compensation for the use of his songs on DVDs, ring tones, and classic matches played on WWE’s cable channel. The WWE has not responded to the lawsuit, but is probably consulting its finest legal minds, including Bobby the Brain Heenan and Jimmy Hart. And for those fans worried about changing ring tones, “I am a Real American” was written by Rick Derringer. [The Daily Swarm]