Wu-Tang Clan’s “album” Pollen: The Swarm Part Three out June 22


    Ah, news synchronicity! After yesterday’s clarification of the 2010 Rock The Bells line-up, the Wu-Tang Clan announced the release of their upcoming “album” Pollen: The Swarm Part Three on June 22.


    And if by “album” you are expecting a compilation-of-Wu-affiliates-sprinkled-with-a-pinch-of-O.G.-Wu-material, then you have reason to rejoice. Your favorite up-and-comers like Yellow Jackets (pretty sure they’re not these guys), Rev Burks and Armel will be featured in the front while the original Clan, specifically RZA as B.O.B.B.Y. Digital, Ghostface and Method Man appear on a couple joints in the back. All sounds typical for a Wu-affiliate production, but, wait, is that Jo Jo Pelligrino on the track list? No, not that JoJo. And ODB’s son produced a track with some crypt-sprung vocals from the late Big Baby Jesus. The above snippet of that joint leaves much to be desired, but let’s keep an open mind, all right?


    Tracklist after the jump:


    1 Roll With Killer Bees – Yellow Jackets 

    2 Headline – Armel, 12 OClock, P Sunn, Rev Burks

    3 Assed Out – Wu-Tang Clan

    4 Dirts The Boogie – O.D.B & Y.D.B. Boy Jones

    5 You Must Be Dreaming – B.O.B.B.Y. Digital, Kinetic

    6 M.E.F. – Johnny Blaze

    7 Smooth Sailing – Ghostface, Trife, Solomon Childs

    8 Get It Started – King Just, Nate, Y.C. 

    9 Faced Down – Streetlife

    10 The Testimony – Remedy & Killer Priest  

    11 Action – Solomon Childs  

    12 No Game Around Here – Killer Bees  

    13 Into You – Rev Burke & Rugged Monk  

    14 Transporting – Remedy & Jo Jo Pelligrino  

    15 Flight Of The Killer Bees – Prodigal Son & Rev Burks


    For More Information: http://wumusicgroup.com/