Wu-Tang Clan Reflects On 20th Year Anniversary

    It’s sort of crazy to think it’s been twenty years since 1993, the year of the golden trifecta: Tribe Called Quest released Midnight Marauders, Snoop Dogg released Doggystyle, and Wu-Tang Clan released Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers). Each album themselves took the industry in a stranglehold, but Wu Tang’s album seems to be the one rappers, critics, and hip-hop purists always go back to. 

    And it’s understandable: an eclectic bunch of Staten Island natives created an artistic and seminal release that forever changed the landscape of hip-hop. To keep its legacy alive, RevoltTV has made a video featuring cameos with Ghostface, Raekwon, Shyheim, RZA and more. 

    “Wu, man, they brought alot of knowledge and wisdom to the people that alot of people didn’t understand,” said Sha Be from Source Magazine, adding, “and it was more than just music for the Wu Tang. Nobody did it like Wu-Tang- very witty and unpredictable talent and natural game.” 

    Watch the video below.