Wu Tang Clan Offered $5 Million For Forthcoming Album

    Just last week Wu-Tang Clan announced that they would only be releasing one unique copy of their forthcoming album The Wu- Once Upon A Time In Shaolin for millions of dollars. And while most may have laughed at their artistic truism, it looks like they’re closer to making that a reality. The mastermind behind the project, RZA, told Billboard that “offers came in at $2 million [and] somebody offered $5 million yesterday.”

    The goal behind the album is to make a statement about music as an artistic expression and to address the debate over the creator’s compensation in the digital age. “The main theme is music being accepted and respected as art,” RZA told Billboard. “If something is rare, it’s rare.” 

    The album itself closes in at 31 tracks and was recorded in secret over the past few years, featuring production by Cilvaringz. The album will also be stored in a hand carved nickel-silver box designed by British-Moroccan artist Yahya.