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WTF: Rapper Asher Roth and band subdue bomb threat on LAX-bound airplane

Reports surfaced earlier today that a man aboard Delta Flight Airlines Flight 110 Atlanta to LA, stood up as the plane was approaching Los Angeles and stated that he had a bomb. At that point, The LA Times reports multiple passengers confronted the man and succeeded in subduing him with plastic ties. End of story right?


Well, according to his publicist, the good samaritans who subdued the man were none other than college and co-ed loving rapper Asher Roth and his band. The above photo was taken by Roth's bassist Chris Llewlyn. According to Urb magazine, Roth has given a statement to the FBI, and has to keep a lid on it for a while. And who says rappers can't be role models?


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Asher Roth

who the hell is asher roth

Beef Hammer

People have been calling him the next Eminem. He's definitely going to have a big 09.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Glad to hear that it went well! All of the people are safe. Cheers to Asher Roth and Band!

Radiant Amar

Radiant Amar

Accuracy shows intelligence. Repeating fiction shows growth is needed. Running a site like this produces a need to be responsible. And not researching facts before making a post disqualifies the content provider. Contribute accurately and realize your could hurt others by not doing so.

The person on the aircraft was a guitarist on his way to meet this Roth, traitor of good, not Roth himself. One minute utilizing Google or other resources would have made this article more respectable. The only reason we even visited this article is because Google contains your error and we wanted to see what sort of people could be so lost in their own alternate reality that they would post such inaccuracy. My guess is, these are the same people who have doomed our great nation at the polls recently.

You are forgiven,
For the people, by the people.



I run another site so I probably shouldn't be backing prefix on this situation but I will. Their reports are based on what was released at the time that it was posted. I have a high res version of this photo because it was sent directly to me from the publicist just as it was to The information may not have been 100% accurate, per se, but it was the information being provided via the publicist for Roth and his band.

The "guitarist" was not on his way to meet Roth as far as I know, they were both on the plane but Llewellyn was just the one that responded. At the time that I received the publicist's email, the LA Times hadn't even released who was involved in the case yet.

I did, however, receive another email from the publicists today correcting any inaccuracies in their previous message. If you're curious about their statements to date, you can read them here

In the future, try speaking for yourself and not "the people". Apparently you are in the minority according to "the polls" and you sound like an a-----

Looks like my language was censored so, maybe your side is winning a few battles

Dead C

But Asher Roth is nowhere near close to the ranks in skill as the rappers who can't be role models.

Celso deJesus

celso dejesus you should actually listen to something other than "I love college" listen to the DJ cannon Asher Roth mixtape that guys a lyrical BEAST


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