Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against L.A.P.D. For Biggie’s Murder Thrown Out

    Way back in 2005, Voletta Wallace, mother of one Christopher Wallace (you might know him as Notorious B.I.G.) filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the L.A.P.D. and the city of L.A. claiming that the authorities were responsible for her son’s death. A federal judge did not agree, throwing Wallace’s case out this week.


    Wallace was actually awarded $1.1 million in 2006, before having the judgement overturned when the court declared Wallace had evidence the city did not. Wallace claimed that the evidence–alleged testimony from one police officer who said two other officers were paid to do the murder by Suge Knight– was enough for the city to make an arrest, but they hadn’t, so she sued the city. But now that the city has–presumably–looked into Wallace’s claim, the case has been thrown out. 


    It seems like the murder of Biggie, and by extension, Tupac, is going to be forever one of those “unsolved mysteries” scenarios. Or maybe it’ll be solved with a deathbed confession in 40 years. [Spinner]