Working Musicians Make Up Almost 1 Out Of Every 1,100 Working Americans

    A study recently released by the US government reveals that working musicians in the US might be more common that you think.

    In 2010 the US Department of Labor counted 269,400 working musicians in the United States. When put up against the US Census from 2010 that puts the total population of the United States at 308,745,538, that would make 1 in 1,146 American adults working as musicians.

    Additional numbers revealed that the median salary on an hourly basis for working musicians was $22.39. To take it a step further and do some number crunching, that would mean that if a musician worked at the median rate 40 hours a week, they would be making $46,571 a year. Not bad! Of course, many working musicians usually don’t work by the hour or on a 40-hour a week schedule.

    Additionally, jobs among musicians have grown since 2000, according to the Labor statistics with modest gains predicted  of about 10% in the sector by 2020.  

    This is particularly interesting considering the on-going discussion regarding music piracy, the accessibility of free music on the internet and the royalties earned by the musician from streaming services. It is often determined that musicians are suffering worse nowadays due to these factors. However, these numbers would suggest that working musicians are not doing so poorly after all and the opportunities will only continue to rise into 2020. [Digital Music News]