Woodstock 2009 to Be Held in Brooklyn, NYC’s Prospect Park?

    In the category of announcements vying for the title of Worst Idea I’ve Ever Heard, a winner has emerged: Woodstock Festival, Version — what are we up to now? 8? 9? — may be held in Brooklyn, New York’s Prospect Park. Promoter Michael Lang, a native New Yorker who had a hand in the original 1969 event, says the park is his first choice for the music festival’s 40th anniversary celebration. He envisions the one-day concert as more akin to the original than prior recreations; performers would include musians from the first festival, like Crosby, Stills and Nash, as well as newer acts that fit the ’69 event’s "vibe," such as

    Dave Matthews



    . The

    New York Daily News

    quotes Lang as saying:


    "[Prospect Park is] big, it’s convenient. There’s public transportation – and Brooklyn’s cool. I’d love to do it."


    With New York City Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe fully supporting the plan, the are only two remaining possible saving graces for Brooklynites: 1) lack of funds (Lang must raise $8M-$10M by month’s end) and 2) the fact that the park is already booked on the actual Woodstock anniversary date of August 15.


    Good luck with all that, NYC. [

    NY Daily News