Woodsist Compiliation Released to Tape and Vinyl July 20

    Do you use your old CDs as beverage coasters? Is your iPod currently in use as a paperweight? If so, you’re either a) my grandfather or b) the target audience for Woodsist‘s new compilation, Welcome Home / Diggin’ the Universe: A Woodsist Compilation. The comp, which features exclusive tracks from Alex Bleeker, Nodzzz, and label-owners Woods, among other Woodsist artists, will be released on July 20 on vinyl and tape only. This is good news if you’re a member of the AARP or are hip to the point of Neo-Luddism. But if you don’t fit either of those categories, you won’t get left out entirely; a few of the tracks are being hosted via Pitchfork. The full tracklist includes:


    A1 Woods: “I’m Not Gone”
    A2 Run DMT: “Richard”
    A3 White Fence: “The Love Between”
    A4 The Fresh & Onlys: “Heel.Toe.”
    A5 The Mantles: “Bad Movies”
    A6 Skygreen Leopards: “Catch”
    A7 Alex Bleeker: “Gettin By”
    B1 Moon Duo: “A Little Way Different” 
    B2 City Center: “Box of Rain”
    B3 caUSE co-MOTION!: “Over You”
    B4 Art Museums: “Darling Are You Out of Your League Again”
    B5 Nodzzz: “Old Clothes”
    B6 Ducktails: “Sun Out My Window”

    Whaddya think, is that Woods track worth busting out the old cassette player? Sound off below!