Woman Says Nine Inch Nails And Marilyn Manson Inspired Her To Burn Down Her House

    It seems like this type of story will never, ever die: A woman in Cileo Vista, Texas, is claiming that the music of Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson inspired her to burn down her parents house on Dec. 27. After “becoming aware” that her parents planned to “kill her,” the woman, Christina Paz, 29, listened to Manson and NIN, and then poured flammable superglue in one room before lighting it, and then set fire to curtains in another room.

    She obviously didn’t learn to burn things from Nine Inch Nails and Manson, and has problems beyond taking advice from records, but wouldn’t it be bonkers if there really are embedded messages in music? Like when is that story going to be told? [NME