Wolf Parade’s New Album Might Be A Double Album, Likely Due Out In June

    Well that was fast: In December, it was announced that Wolf Parade were headed to the studio to work on their third album, and now comes news that not only is the album done, the band recorded so much material, the set will be–at least–an album and an EP, and might end up being a double album. 


    Boeckner said that after recording nearly non-stop for two weeks, Wolf Parade has 15 tracks that will comprise its third album. With more than 80 minutes of music on its hands, the band is still deciding the right format for their upcoming release. “[W]e don’t really know now whether we’re going to put out an LP or a double album,” Boeckner said. “If we did an LP maybe we’d do an LP and an EP, because we want to put all of the songs out. There were no songs that we recorded where everyone was like, ‘Oh, that’s a dud.’”

    The album also has a tentative June 29 release date via Sub Pop. It’s also the first album without founding member Hadji Bakara, who quit the band to pursue a PhD. Apparently Boeckner mostly plays keys along with Dante DeCaro, which led a lot of the material to have a Depeche Mode vibe, Boeckner says. Sign me up. [Paste]