Wiz Khalifa To Perform “Black & Yellow” Before AFC Championship Game

    Well yeah, duh, this was going to happen. Pittsburgh native Wiz Khalifa is doubling down on his chance to show some hometown pride (and make a lot of money) by performing the unofficial Steelers theme song, “Black & Yellow,” this Sunday at his city’s Heinz Field before the 6:30 ET kickoff of the AFC Championship Game. His beloved Steelers will take on the New York Jets, who only this week got their own theme in the form of Consequence’s “J.E.T.S. (Put Your Arms Out).” He’ll also lead fans in a synchronized Terrible Towel Twirl before the game starts.

    If the Steelers win and end up going to the Super Bowl, you can bet even money that “Black & Yellow” will climb higher than its current number 5 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Also, that everyone in the country who is not a Steelers fan will start to really hate Wiz Khalifa.