Wiz Khalifa Says ‘Rolling Papers’ Was “Creatively, Not My Best Work”

    As you may know, Wiz Khalifa is prepping his second ever studio record in O.N.I.F.C. for release sometime this year. Given the relative softness of Rolling Papers, you might be eager to pass it aside for another spin of the still-great Kush and Orange Juice. But give the guy a break, today he took to Tumblr to voice a few qualms with his major label debut.

    “I haven’t been this excited about any of my projects ever. I remember when I made Kush and Orange Juice, I listened to it and knew I had created a new genre that would change music,” he wrote. “The mistake I made on Rolling Papers was thinking it was time to move on from that genre not knowing that it had impacted people so much. The album did great numbers, but creatively wasn’t my best work. No regrets though. We live and we learn.”

    So maybe expect a reformed Khalifa who knows to stick deep in the pocket of his warm, inebriated ideas on the new album. That’s a good thing, because that’s why people were writing about him in the first place. Also keep your eyes on the horizon, because Wiz has a new mixtape in Taylor Allderdice due out soon. [DX]