Wiz Khalifa Reveals ‘Cabin Fever 2’ Tracklist, Cover Art

    Exactly a week ago, Wiz Khalifa tweeted out that Cabin Fever 2—the sequel to his early 2011 mixtape, Cabin Fever—was getting mixed. Now, the Taylor Gang chief has shared the tracklist and cover art of his new project, which boasts multiple collaborations with West Coast rapper Problem and TG’s most turnt-up Juicy J, as well as further contributions from French Montana, Chevy Woods, Menace, IAmSu, Lavish and J.R. Donato. Meanwhile, beats comes courtesy of ID Labs, Sledgren, The Invasion among others.

    Cabin Fever 2 hits the ‘net tomorrow (Oct. 16) at 3pm EST, and will allow for a brief smoke break before Wiz’s sophomore album, O.N.I.F.C., impacts on Dec. 4.

    Wiz Khalifa – Cabin Fever 2 tracklist (<– Stream/Download now available):

    1. Bout Me (Feat. Problem & IAmSu) (Prod. The Invasion)

    2. Fucc Shit (Feat. Menace) (Prod. Sledgren)

    3. M.I.A. (Feat. Juicy J) (Prod. ID Labs)

    4. Pacc Talk (Feat. Juicy J & Problem) (Prod. Cozmo)

    5. Ridin Round (Feat. Juicy J) (Prod. Crazy Mike)

    6. Smokin Drink (Feat. Problem) (Prod. The Invasion)

    7. STU (Feat. Juicy J) (Prod. The Invasion)

    8. Bout That (Prod. Cozmo)

    9. I’m Feelin (Feat. Problem, J.R. Donato & Juicy J) (Prod. Lewi V/VegasStarz)

    10. Deep Sleep (Prod. ID Labs)

    11. 100 Bottles (Feat. Problem) (Prod. ID Labs)

    12. Thuggin (Feat. Chevy Woods & Lavish) (Prod. ID Labs & Sledgren)

    13. Tweak Is Heavy (Prod. The Invasion)

    14. Nothin Like The Rest (Feat. French Montana) (Prod. ID Labs)