Wiz Khalifa Now Selling Sunglasses To Hide How High You Are

    Wiz Khalifa really, really likes weed. He likes it so much that smoking it got him arrested, in fact. So now, as part of a larger plan* to help you not be arrested for getting high, he’s releasing a pair of Eyetique brand sunglasses. The sunglasses, dubbed the “Elevators” (get it? Like getting lifted?), were featured in the “Black and Yellow” video, come in black or tortoise shell and retail for $225, which is a lot of money to spend to not look high. If you’re like Wiz, though, and spend at least $10,000 on weed every month, it’s just a drop in the bucket.

    This plan may backfire, however, since wearing sunglasses at night or indoors is a dead giveaway that you’re under the influence of all sorts of illicit substance. So, you know. Plan your outfit accordingly.

    * There is no larger plan. These sunglasses probably also perform additional functions, like protecting you from the sun, as well as hiding your bloodshot eyes. But I can’t make any promises.


    [Rap Radar]