With MTV’s New Artists.MTV Service You Can Donate Directly To Musicians

    MTV is launching a new service called Artists.MTV with the goal of consolidating musicians’ online presence to one location on MTV’s website, with a strong nod toward monetizing their music.

    The station is going to be changing the way artists are credited when their music appears on the channel. With the new system, fans watching at home will be directed to an Artists.MTV page, where they’ll find everything from bios, a Twitter feed, videos, photos, news, and of course, links to purchase music. Business Insider reports on one potentially strange aspect of the site: a feature to make donations directly to artists, in addition to a more traditional business model of artists selling physical and digital music. The new service is open to all artists, signed or unsigned, and there are future plans for ad revenue sharing deals for unsigned musicians. 

    That’s a screenshot of the new platform at the top of the post. You can check out the beta here, which has a pretty slick user interface, but some pretty big factual errors (see above) like classifying Real Estate as a hip-hop band. 

    A mobile app is planned for the end of the year, and MTV will be officially opening the service for business during the VMAs on September 6. If you can’t wait until then, head to Hypebot to claim an early beta invite.