Wire Live Album Details Announced

    After releasing its 12th studio album, Red Barked Tree, in January, UK post-punk band Wire is gearing up for another drop. On Feb. 7, 2012, the group will release a live LP–its first recording with touring guitarist Matt Simms–called The Black Session: Paris, 10 May 2011. It’ll feature 13 tracks spanning Wire‘s extensive career, from 1977’s “Pink Flag” to 2011’s Red Barked Tree-cut, “Moreover.” Weird-but-favorite tracks to be included on the live release are 154‘s “Map Ref. 41ºN 93ºW”  and “Kidney Bingos,” off of 1988’s A Bell Is A Cup…Until It Is Struck. Originally something you’d have only found at one of Wire’s fall UK shows last year, The Black Session was recorded at Radio France’s Paris studio. The audience members were invited to the performance, so the set is most likely tight. You can check out the album’s track list below.

    1. Adapt
    2. Comet
    3. Smash
    4. Please Take
    5. Kidney Bingos
    6. Clay
    7. Map Ref 41°N 93°W
    8. Moreover
    9. Two People In A Room
    10. Down To This
    11. Drill
    12. Red Barked Trees
    13. Pink Flag