Winehouse, Snoop Dogg Got Too High to Record Together

    Here’s a joke for you: Two pothead musicians walk into a studio to make a record. They get really high and forget to make the record. The end. 

    It’s not really much of a punchline but, then again, according to the Sun, it’s also not really a joke. According to the UK paper, that’s pretty much exactly what happened when Snoop Dogg and Amy Winehouse got together last year in an L.A. recording studio to collaborate on some songs. According to a source that spoke to the publication, the two took a few too many smoke breaks to finish what they started:

    “They were working at a frenetic pace at first but as the day wore on and more smoke breaks took place, the work rate slackened. By the time their studio time ended they had a pair of tracks sketched out but no finished product.”

    For now, the Sun has classified the collaboration as “delayed.” In other news, congratulations to me for having enough restraint not to describe the project as having gone “up in smoke.” [Angry Ape]