Win Tickets to See the Most Serene Republic in Brooklyn!

    If you’ll allow me to slip off my well worn critic hat for a second to don a jaunty concert promotion fedora, there’s something in it for you. At the risk of taking the unheard of step of being self-indulgent in a blog post, the Prefix powers that be have allowed me to call attention to the latest in a series of New York shows my cohorts and I like to call Neon Lights. This particular edition will feature Broken Social Scene approved Canadian indie-pop machine, the Most Serene Republic, as well as on the cusp locals High Places and She Keeps Bees.
    Audio samples:
    the Most Serene Republic – Sherry and Her Butterfly Net
    High Places – “Head Spins”
    She Keeps Bees – “Pile Up”
    In exchange for your blog skimming time, we’re are offering two tickets (for over twenty-oner’s that is) for this Friday night’s show at the Union Hall in Brooklyn. To enter, just send an e-mail to neonlightsnyc at with your name and the subject line “Entering contest now.” Winners will be notified on Friday afternoon. Good luck. That is all.