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Win Butler vs. The City of Nottingham

Alright, I'''ll say it: I'''m a pretty big fan of Win Butler'''s angry side, which seems to be popping up with more and more frequency these days. The latest victim? The city of Nottingham. And by victim I mean they probably deserved it.
NME is reporting that Butler was ''"hit in the face by a bottle''" mid-performance last night during Arcade Fire'''s Halloween show in Nottingham. The act prompted Butler to improvise the lyrics of 'Neighbourhood #3 (Power Out)'''which the band was performing as the ''"attack''" transpired''changing them to "Where'd you go? / No seriously / Where'd you go you fucker?''"
Butler and friends then left the stage, before coming back on for the encore seemingly unscathed (physically, emotionally). That is, until, in NME'''s words, ''"The band''¦returned for a performance of 'Rebellion (Lies)' and, according to a witness, '''someone threw something again.'''''"
Butler then stopped the music, said ''"We'''ll never play Nottingham again,''" before (awkwardly?) finishing the song. In conclusion: You just don'''t throw bottles at a guy who named his debut album Funeral. You just don'''t. [NME]
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Arcade Fire

throwing bottles at bands is not cool.

Dave Park

Your story is incorrect, firstly the object was white and looked more like a shoe. Secondly he did not stop the band to announce he would not play Nottingham again. While the band was playing Butler stopped singing and said "If one more thing is thrown on stage we will never play fucking Nottingham again". To be fair Butler took it well, I would have stuck my mic stand up his/her poop shoot.


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