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Win a free copy of <i>American Doll Posse</i> by Tori Amos

There's no such thing as a free lunch, but there is such thing as a free CD. You can win a copy of Tori Amos' new album, American Doll Posse, by simply heading over to the Epic Records website, checking out the new single, "Big Wheel," and entering a short form.
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Tori Amos

Wow, is the CD that bad that they're just giving it away? I've heard a handful of songs off of it. They didn't sound horrendous by any means.

John Zeiss

I think it's a contest. It's not that the CD is that bad. You have to "win" it.


I've heard some of this too. It's not her old stuff, but it's pretty good.


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