Win $10 Million On Spike TV By Proving Bigfoot Exists

    Cryptids are an important part of American culture. Whether we’re talking about the Chupacabra, the Lake Champlain monster or the sasquatch, people in the U.S. seem continually convinced that there are fantastic creatures living just into the woods or right around the corner. However, you’d think that if these hidden animals were real, someone would have captured them on film, right?

    Well, Spike TV is putting that theory to the test, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The network is creating a show called The 10 Million Dollar Big Foot Bounty, which hopes to prove, once and for all, whether or not the legendary creature of the forest is real. 

    The series will last 10 episodes, during which cameras and crews will follow the most die-hard big foot hunters as they track the elusive beast. The prize money is apparently the biggest in reality television history, but the proof has to be definitive. Blurry footage or supposed hairs aren’t going to cut it in this case. 

    Considering how much garbage there is on reality television, this idea almost feels like a breath of fresh air. If there is no sasquatch, the pointless search will make for excellent entertainment. And if, though the chances are slim, this series uncovers some new biological discovery, it will have been money well spent.