Will.i.am’s DeLorean Stolen At His Own Party

    On Tuesday night, things seemed to be looking up for one Will.i.am. The Black Eyed Pea had just completed his new album, so he decided to celebrate at the L.A. nightclub Avalon. What better way to celebrate than to roll in your very own DeLorean, the Back To The Future car that every boy secretly wishes they had? He even tweeted his happy mental state: “I’m so freakin excited…My album is just moments from being complete…so tonights party at the #avalon is a celebration…#willpower.”

    But you can’t tempt fate, Will.i.am! Upon exiting the Avalon, he rang up the valet only to find out his DeLorean had been stolen–at his own party, no less. A digital update on his mental state followed: “My car was stolen… what the f***… Where is my f***ing car…??? This isn’t funny anymore. I’m going to be optimistic and pray that my car is returned and safe…” “Im not going to the police…spread the word via tweets in case I’m getting punk’d. I don’t want to waste tax dollars on pranks #wheresmycar”

    As of this posting, it’s still missing. If you have any information to its whereabouts, share it with Will.i.am. The man deserves to party with peace-of-mind! [Vibe]