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After a big 2006, Will.I.Am remains one of the hottest producers in hip-hop. I have no idea why he's the producer of the moment (perhaps the same people that like Eminem's beats are his fanbase), but it looks like he's using his success to work on Michael Jackson's comeback album. The Black Eyed Pea is also advising Jackson on ways to use social networking sites and technology for the album. The album is expected to be out by the end of 2007. tells he has been doing "a lot of talking on the phone, a lot of brainstorming" with Jackson so far. Their conversations, he says, involve more than just music but also figuring out how Jackson can use new technology, particularly social networking sites and download outlets, to his advantage.

But Jackson's next musical direction remains a primary concern. "Man, he still sings like a bird," Will.I.Am says. "He could go anywhere. I think we have a real opportunity to do something here. It's either gonna be really big or nobody's gonna care. Ain't no middle ground on this one."
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Michael Jackson

omg cnt wait for this 2 drop or any songs 2 leak.i got alota respect for him carryin on his musiq, hope he makes a sik track with akon cus dem 2 voices 2getha will make suttin special,n 50 cent!! trus me im keepin my eye on this album cus i only have the old musiq of jackson 2 appreciate cus i was only a young'n when he was in his prime, so jus hope he cums bk sik.this album jus sounds like its gonna b mad lol haha.

aza g

i hate hip hop and r n b i i ant even heard of will am i lol my dog would be better i wish jacko success as im a huge fan thats all i am looking forward to jacko not the other garbage

lloyd bond

Hate is such a strong word. Why not say... you can't identify with it. You said it yourself "Ive never heard of will am I.." M.j. Rocks the house. That's when you know he's a great artist... when he is still loved despite such awful conterversy... and highly publisized outrageous behavior.


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