William Basinski’s “Melancholia” To Be Reissued

    Temporary Residence Limited has announced plans to reissue William Basinski’s fractured and beautiful album Melancholia. The reissue will place the album on vinyl for the first time ever. The package will feature brand new art by James Elaine, pressed on 100% virgin black vinyl, in a limited edition of 2,000. 

    The release comes at the ten-year anniversary of the Melancholia, an album that came out just a year after his already iconic Disintegration Loops, which often casts a large shadow over Melancholia.

    This album started in much the same way Disintegration Loops did: with Basinski recording a number of tape loops in the 80s, storing them away for years, and coming back to them as source material for new work. It’s a gorgeous album that, while it doesn’t reach the epic heights of the Disintegration Loops, deserves a loving reissue like this. 

    The reissue is available for pre-order now. Take a listen to “Melancholia II” from the album below.