Will Russia outlaw emo?

    Citing its fans likelihood of suicide, Russian legislators are working on a bill that would make being “emo” illegal. The bill would allow Russian government to regulate emo websites, and ban the wearing of goth and emo clothes and styles in schools and government buildings. (God knows they don’t want one of these turning up at the Kremlin.)

    As for what makes a person “emo” that’s simple: teenagers who wear black, have piercing and have long black hair they use to cover up their face.

    There were mass protests around the country in response to the news of the legislation considering such a move. The government says the laws would
    "open up dialogue" about emo culture, but it seems it would shut it down first.
    It’d be a curious (read: totalitarian and scary) judgment if a country outlaws a style of clothing and music, but it makes you wish someone would ban these fellas stateside.  [NME]