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Wiley Releasing New LP, '100% Publishing,' July 4

Grime rapper-producer Wiley announced today that he will be releasing his seventh studio album, 100% Publishing, this July on Big Dada. It's his first full-length release since 2009's Race Against Time, which featured several outside producers including Skream, Maniac, and Bless Beats. But for 100% Publishing, it's all Wiley, meaning that he's in charge of all of the vocals and beats. It's a gutsy move for a hip-hop act to not have at least a few guests to sing a hook or two, so it should be interesting to hear how all the tracks come together on here.


100% Publishing drops July 4. The track list is below.


01 Information Age
02 100% Publishing
03 Numbers In Action
04 Boom Boom Da Na
05 Your Intuition
06 I Just Woke Up
07 Wise Man and His Words
08 Pink Lady
09 Yonge Street (1,178 miles long)
10 Up There
11 Talk About Life
12 To Be Continued

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