Wiley Raps From An iPad In His New “Evolve Or Be Extinct” Video

    Wiley released one of the best videos of 2011 with the prop and visual trick-heavy “Numbers in Action.” And today, the British hip-hop stalwart just might have released what will be one of 2012’s finest videos. It’s for the fiery title track off his latest album, Evolve or Be Extinct, and it finds Wiley doing two things that are very notable.

    For one, he’s rocking a great hand-knit sweater while still looking and rapping pretty damn hard. But it’s how he’s rapping that’s so visually captivating here. With the help of a slew of patient, equally sharply dressed folks, Wiley spits at the camera through an iPad. It sounds simple, and it kind of is, but that’s also what makes it work so well. You can watch the video below. [FACT]