Wiley Previews New Album, ‘100% Publishing’

    Could we be witnessing a resurgence of U.K.-based hip-hop in the U.S. in 2011? Perhaps, but one could argue that the Web has just made such continental crossovers that much easier and seamless. Also, it’s true that British rappers have never really gone away since breaking through over here last decade. But it’s also true that we have heard some very talented new players (Ghostpoet and DELS) this year that could push the scene back on our collective radar. Then, add in the fact that you have stalwarts like Wiley still churning out solid material.


    As we reported a few weeks ago, he has a new album dropping this summer on Big Dada called 100% Publishing. And following that announcement, he has gone the DIY route to promote its forthcoming releasing. First, it was the “I Just Woke Up” video that was essentially just the rapper bouncing in front of his computer. And now he’s uploaded a video that serves as a mini-preview of half of the album’s tracks. It’s sounding pretty good from what I can tell, even if the audio quality is kind of weak. Here’s hoping we get some proper leaks/singles soon.


    100% Publishing drops July 4.


    [FACT Mag]