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Wild Beasts to Limbo, Panto in America

Wild Beasts to Limbo, Panto in America

I’ve been sort of geeking out on “The Devil’s Crayon” by England’s Wild Beasts around these parts for a few weeks now, and today I get the pleasure of reporting that the band’s debut album, Limbo, Panto, will be hitting this side of the pond (the side with deep-fried candy bars, that is) this fall. Limbo is out on November 4th to be exact, and the band’s U.K. label, Domino, is handling U.S. distribution.


Limbo, Panto track list:
 01 Vigil for a Fuddy Duddy
02 The Club of Fathomless Love
03 The Devil's Crayon
04 Woebegone Wanderers
05 The Old Dog
06 Please, Sir
07 His Grinning Skull
08 She Purred, While I Grrred
09 Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants
10 Cheerio Chaps, Cheerio Goodbye

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