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Wild Beasts to Limbo, Panto in America

I’ve been sort of geeking out on “The Devil’s Crayon” by England’s Wild Beasts around these parts for a few weeks now, and today I get the pleasure of reporting that the band’s debut album, Limbo, Panto, will be hitting this side of the pond (the side with deep-fried candy bars, that is) this fall. Limbo is out on November 4th to be exact, and the band’s U.K. label, Domino, is handling U.S. distribution.


Limbo, Panto track list:
 01 Vigil for a Fuddy Duddy
02 The Club of Fathomless Love
03 The Devil's Crayon
04 Woebegone Wanderers
05 The Old Dog
06 Please, Sir
07 His Grinning Skull
08 She Purred, While I Grrred
09 Brave Bulging Buoyant Clairvoyants
10 Cheerio Chaps, Cheerio Goodbye

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