Wild Beasts New, Frankenstein-Inspired Album Due Out This Spring

    This week’s NME is the annual “What’s Coming Out This Year” issue, and among reports from “awesome” British bands like Plan B and Kasabian, comes the word that the third album from Brit art-rock weirdos Wild Beasts is due out this spring. In an interview, Thorpe says the album was inspired by Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein.

    Singer Hayden Thorpe, speaking in the new issue of NME, compared the band to the fictional monster, admitting that they have “always felt like this odd creature that’s sort of hard to love”. Speaking of Wild Beasts’s new album, Thorpe added that “the more I try to write a pop song the more it ends up being bizarre”, but went onto state that he thinks their position as outsiders is “a blessing rather than a curse”.

    There’s no word on when to expect the album, but if it’s half as good as Two Dancers, it’s one to look for. [NME]