Wilco Title New Album Wilco (The Album), Clearly Exhaust All Album Title Possibilites

    Wilco have titled their new album the sorta self-titled Wilco (The Album). It keeps with the band’s penchant for naming things “Wilco” recently, like “Wilco the Song,” but clearly shows these dudes are totally out of title ideas. But let’s be honest, they’ve been phoning it in title wise since Summerteeth (kidding).


    Wilco (The Album) is due out on an undetermined Tuesday in June via Nonesuch. Here’s the track list:


    01 Wilco the Song
    02 Deeper Down
    03 One Wing
    04 Bull Black Nova
    05 You and I
    06 You Never Know
    07 Country Disappeared
    08 Solitaire
    09 I’ll Fight
    10 Sunny Feeling
    11 Everlasting