Wilco takes live requests on website, requests guy who sent in “Freebird” 300 times stop ruining it for the rest of us

    WilcoAs much as some musicians despise taking requests at shows (perhaps because it reminds them that they’re always just a bad record and alcoholic breakdown from wedding singer status), if you don’t mind it so much it seems like an easy way to interact with and placate an unruly crowd (the philistines!). Wilco has decided to streamline the whole annoying yelling out faves between song ritual that inevitably plagues a band with such a revered back-catalog”starting with its Chicago show tonight at Millennium Park, the band is allowing fans to request songs for upcoming shows beforehand on its website. A supercomputer will then filter the songs through its matrix, scanning out variables like “Don’t remember that one” and “No way in hell we’re playing that one ever again.”
    Wilco is currently in the midst of a fall tour in support of Sky Blue Sky; for dates, click here.