Wilco Releasing ‘Speak Into The Rose’ EP For Record Store Day’s Black Friday Sale

    As we previously reported, Wilco is just one of many bands and artists taking part in Record Store Day’s upcoming Black Friday (Nov. 25) sale. But until today it wasn’t clear exactly what would appear on their limited-edition release. That changed thanks to the folks at Anti- Records, who revealed on their blog that Wilco’s Speak into the Rose EP will feature four tracks from the Chicago band.

    You’ll find two tunes from the deluxe edition of their new album, The Whole Love, in “Speak into the Rose” and “Message from Mid-Bar.” Also, there’s a demo of “I Might” and alternate version of “Art of Almost.” As an added incentive, 30 of the records will come with a poster signed by frontman Jeff Tweedy. Not bad. [CoS]