Wilco Leaves Nonesuch, Plans To Start Their Own Label

    Wilco began this past decade embroiled in a label battle that would provide fodder for countless Yankee Hotel Foxtrot reviews. It ended with them signing to a different Warner Music Group imprint (Nonesuch) than the one they were signed to initially (Reprise), with whom they have remained ever since. That is, until now. Guitarist Nels Cline has told Express Night Out that his band has left Nonesuch, with the intention of starting its own record label. He claims Jeff Tweedy is one of the masterminds behind it, which I think we can all agree is a very, very good thing. This comes just hours after Jeff Tweedy’s involvement with Mavis Staples’ upcoming album was revealed, proving 2010 to be yet another prolific year for the alt-country progenitor (Wilco will also be coordinating a music festival in Massachusetts this August).


    Here’s to hoping this newfound freedom produces another top-to-bottom Wilco classic–it’s been a while. [Pitchfork]