Wilco Get Their Own Sandwich Shop (But It’s In Canada)

    Hot on the heels of my town, Madison, Wis., trying to blow Wilco, here comes Toronto’s attempt: A sandwich shop up there has completely changed its theme to honor Wilco, with all the sandwiches taking the names of Wilco songs. The sandwich shop is called Sky Blue Sky, and it just opened recently with a menu you can read here. The “Outta Mind (Outta Sight)” sounds interesting, but part of me wishes the owners had some balls and named a sandwich “Spiders (Kidsmoke).” These titles sort of make sense, in screwed up way, not in a we’re-really-stretching-this-too-much way (at least until you get further down the menu). Nice try, Toronto. Madison wins this round*. [P4K]


    *- I might be biased. Toronto is a cool place though. It has underground office space!