Wilco Dispute Continues as Jay Bennett Sues Jeff Tweedy

    Tensions between Jeff Tweedy and Jay Bennett infamously flared up during the making of Wilco’s breakthrough album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Bennett left the band shortly after its completion, and the Sam Jones documentary, I Am Trying to Break Your Heart, painfully documented the rift between the pair.

    The conflict is far from over, as Bennett is taking Tweedy to court, claiming he is owed money from both the documentary and his recorded work with the band. Bennett filed a suit in Cook County Circuit Court on Monday (May 4), seeking $50,000 in damages from his former bandmate.

    According to the suit: “As a recording musician in Wilco, Bennett is entitled to compensation for his services rendered in the form of continuing and perpetual artist royalty payments from Tweedy.” The suit also addresses Jones’ film, by claiming Tweedy “never obtained the necessary releases for the use of Bennett’s performance in the film.”

    This sad addendum to an already very public dispute comes just days after WIlco announced details of its new album, Wilco (The Album), which is due for release in June on Nonesuch.


    [via Chicago Tribune]


    [Photo courtesy of Jim Newberry]