Wilco discuss album leak

    Via: Billboard
    Speaking to Billboard late last week, the members of Wilco discussed their thoughts on Sky Blue Sky leaking more than two months prior to its intended release date. For a band that’s had to deal with this time and again (Yankee Hotel Foxtrot leaked nine months prior to its release) Jeff Tweedy and Co. share a fairly positive outlook concerning the whole matter.
    Tweedy almost went so far as to say that he takes it as a compliment: “We feel very proud of our record and we want people to hear it. Ultimately, that’s the goal. I think most people will do the right thing and support us and buy the record, even if they have downloaded it.” Meanwhile, Wilco’s manager Tony Margherita said that album leaks should pretty much be taken as a given these days: “We’ve always viewed the whole thing as similar to radio. We were prepared for it to leak as soon as the first advance CD went out. That’s just part and parcel of the deal.”
    Hopefully Wilco fans will continue to go out and buy the albums since the band is playing nice. Should more bands share Wilco’s outlook? Leave some comments below.