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Wilco Announces Spring Tour

On "Wilco the Song," Jeff Tweedy professed undying love for his band's fans. He's getting a little demonstrative this March, however, offering "An Evening With Wilco" to audiences in the East. The sixteen-stop tour will feature "extended, varied sets" drawn from the band's seven albums. Tour dates and ticket information can be found at the band's website. If that isn't proof enough, Tweedy went on to say that the band will be recording new material during a break in January and that he's producing an album for fellow Chicagoan Mavis Staples. With all this attention, how are music fans supposed to reciprocate? [Billboard]

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Mavis Staples

Poor Mavis! Wilco's last two records (basically ghost-produced by control-freak Tweedy) have been horribly produced, lifeless sounding records with ZERO imagination. Wilco needs a real producer with strong ideas like Nigel Godrich, not a YES MAN. I like Jeff Tweedy as a songwriter and a singer but, man, if he offered to produce my record, I would say "No, thanks."


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