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Wilco album artwork, MP3s

That right there to the left is the cover of the new Wilco album, Sky Blue Sky, out May 15th. And if you head over to Shameless Complacency, you can get MP3s of three of the album's tracks: "Either Way," "You Are My Face," and "Walken." The new material finds the band branching out into ska, thrash metal, and hip-hop, respectively. I keeed! It's more great countrypolitan rock with searingly emotional lyrics from one of America's best bands.
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Album Cover Art

any word on where these tracks came from? how they were leaked? it'll probably be pretty short order before the whole album leaks or they'll just have it streaming from their website. you are may face is a nice song.

errol dwithers

I'm curious what the deal is on this leak too. Is the whole album out there?

Dave Park

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