Why Radio Stations Play The Same Few Songs Over And Over (Infographic)

    If you’ve ever listened to the radio and wondered why all the stations seemed to play the same five songs on repeat, the answer is that the same five songs are, in fact, being played on repeat.

    As Hypebot points out, it’s not that the music on commercial radio is too hot not to have in heavy rotation, but because six media conglomerates–GE, Newscorp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner and CBS–control 90 percent of the media. For perspective, about 50 companies controlled the information distributed  in 1983.

    When outlets are consolidated, diversity in programming and media ownership suffer. It’s great for major acts like Nicki Minaj, but terrible for virtually anyone else that could actually use the exposure. Below, check out a helpful infographic (by Frugal Dad via The Daily Swarm) that breaks down which companies own what, and how that impacts our media environments. 

    Media Consolidation Infographic

    Source: Frugal dad