Why Dan Deacon Was At Comic-Con Today

    As we reported, Dan Deacon was at Comic-Con today, promoting Twixt. He, in his perennially goofy glasses, was sitting next to an incredibly old looking Francis Ford Coppola (who seems to be getting more senile by the second). Twixt is essentially a Poe-derived murder-mystery with some fantastical overtones, it stars a pudgy Val Kilmer and Deacon is making music for it – pretty normal on the surface. But here’s where it gets weird.


    Coppola apparently wants to bring back ‘performance’ to cinema, in the sense of an orchestra behind a silent movie, so he’ll be setting out on a month-long tour of the movie before the release where he will be basically live-editing the movie depending on the audience’s reaction. If we seemed to like a particular scene, he’ll extend it, use more cuts, if we look bored he can cut ahead. Crazy. He showed us some of this madness, and although there were a few hiccups it seemed pretty cool. Deacon could apparently see what was coming next and was able to improvise where the score was going which was also pretty cool. He kept playing this weird, post-“Monster Mash” tune that’s central component was a ghoulish voice repeating ‘NOSFERATU.’ That was seriously silly, and I certainly hope it’s not the last we’ll hear of it. At one point Val Kilmer called Deacon a genius, I think we’ve crossed over.


    Deacon is playing an Adult Swim party tonight that I’ll be going to; hopefully I’ll be able to get some more information out of him there.