Whoa: Have Nas, Common & Q-Tip Formed A Super-Group?

    OK, before you think, “No way, that shit (is) cra(z)y,” about a super-group of Nas, Common, and Q-Tip, let me break this one down for you. You see, there have been rumblings of a joint album by Common and Q-Tip for a while now under the guise of the Standard. And last year, Com announced that he and Nas were working on a joint album called Nas.Com.

    So it’s only appropriate that these three have just decided to mash it all together as one, right? The only thing is that nothing has been confirmed just yet, but Tip and Com told the New York Daily News that they are interested in adding a third member to the crew. So why wouldn’t they add Nas to the equation? [XXL]