Whoa: Complex Claims To Have Found Earl Sweatshirt

    Complex Magazine might have just dropped the bomb in the “Where is Earl Sweatshirt?” Internet sweepstakes, releasing this ridiculously comprehensive case that Earl Sweatshirt, government name Thebe Okonma, is currently in a boarding school/treatment center in Samoa, even putting up a picture from the center’s website that has a kid that looks an awful lot like Earl. That picture is to your left.


    Complex’s case goes like this: They got contacted by some kid who said he met Thebe in Samoa at the center, and then they traced that kid through Facebook, leading them to the Coral Reef Academy, which is where they found the pics of a kid who at least looks an awful lot like Earl Sweatshirt. Added to the case that Earl is in Samoa, is Domo Genesis’ and Hodgy’s new song “Tang Golf,” which has a line, “Ask Syd where we at. She’ll tell you where we going. To free Earl from the fucking Samoans.”


    If this is true, it should add some craziness to when Earl eventually gets released and comes back to the Wolf Gang. We might get the first Samoan-related diss track. Go here to read Complex’s, at the very least, intriguing story.