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Who will win the Best Original Song Oscar in 2009?

Major studios are briskly releasing a number of films at the tail end of December. This last ditch attempt at getting nominated for an Academy Award occurs every year, but songwriters already have an idea whether they stand a chance of getting the nod. The contenders for Best Original Song nominations, all 49 of them, have been announced, and can be viewed on this page.

Robyn Hitchcock makes the list with his song (“Up to Our Nex”) from the excellent Rachel Getting Married. Sadly, Tunde Adebimpe’s touching Neil Young cover from the same feature isn’t eligible. High School Musical 3 has a bone-shuddering 11 songs on the list, so expect that to feature somewhere. Other songs of interest include the memorable “Dracula’s Lament” from Forgetting Sarah Marshall (which would make an awesome live performance on Oscar night) and M.I.A.’s collaboration with A.R. Rahman on the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack (“O Saya”).

Jack White and Alicia Keys’ Bond theme “Another Way to Die” also makes the list, and could make for a memorable live performance if the song is nominated. Peter Gabriel’s contribution to the Wall-E soundtrack, “Down to Earth” is also another likely (and somewhat unusual) contender. Fortunately the rules have been changed this year, and only two songs from a single film can be nominated. Here's hoping that High School Musical 3 doesn't dominate.
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Alicia Keys
Jack White
Robyn Hitchcock

Where's Jon Brion's "Schenectady"? Great little tune, better than "Little Person" and perfectly representative of the movie (which, if you've seen the movie, is saying a lot). I'd like to see Brion get some Oscar props one of these years.


Right to dream by Mariah Carey and Willie Nelson!!!!!


if Hitchcock wins the Oscar, I hope they televise his acceptance speech.

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come on jack white / alicia. i love that song!

music fan

Peter Gabriel deserves an oscar


god i an king coma at my space king coma

jim mc dermott

miley will win


I am sure its going to be A.R.Rahman for slumdog millionaire..Way to go!! The songs and OST are just mindblowing....


REPO!!!!!!! The Genetic Opera deserves the Oscar!!

Venus Stasis

AAAAA RRRRR RRRRRRahmaaaaaaannnn !! NO DOUBT !


A.R.Rahman 4 slumdog millionaire!!!!!!!!!!


its going to be for genius A.R.Rahman...I'm sure...


i think it will be jai ho


A.R. Rahman.......for sure. Listen to his music. You will fall for it. Other Directors are no where near to him


Its gonna be rahaman for his excellent score and music in slumdog....Jai ho!


Lupe fiasco is the realest person I know, the cool CD is a CD filled with personifications and sophisticated lyrics, he has to win :)


& finally it went to AR Rahman for Jai ho......i felt obliged to fill in this....while i came across this list while i was searching for nominations for this year


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