Who earned the most money from music this year?

    Rock stars may only be able to afford a bag of potatoes and a saucer full of milk from the cash generated by CD sales these days. Fortunately there are other ways of making money, such as live shows, advertising, and merchandise. With that in mind, Forbes has produced a list of the biggest earners in music over the last year.

    The Police are in the #1 slot, largely thanks to the lucrative reunion tour they undertook. Sting and the boys earned a cool $115 million last year, with $28.3 million of that going directly into each band member’s pockets. Beyonce lags behind the Police with a bag of swag worth $80 million, while aging rockers Van Halen and Genesis managed to respectively squeeze $35 million and $31 million out of their fans’ pockets. Here’s the full list [via NME]:


    1. The Police ($115 million)
    2. Beyonce Knowles ($80 million)
    3. Toby Keith ($48 million)
    4. Justin Timberlake ($44 million)
    5= Madonna ($40 million)
    5= Celine Dion ($40 million)
    5= Rascal Flatts ($40 million)
    8. Van Halen ($35 million)
    9. Genesis ($31 million)
    10. Gwen Stefani ($27 million)