Whitney Houston Hits The Top Ten Following Her Death, Adele Tops Billboard For 20th Week

    Never doubt the power of celebrity death-related nostalgia: Following her unfortunate death this weekend, Whitney Houston has the number six album in the country, as her Greatest Hits album sold 60,000 copies pretty much entirely in the first couple days of this week. 

    Elsewhere on the charts, the “Grammy bump” was certainly felt–and will be more impactful on next week’s charts–as Adele’s 21 shifted 242,000 copies this week, a 102 percent increase over last week. What’s ironic about Adele’s most recent chart-topping? She passes Houston’s Bodyguard soundtrack with 20 weeks at number one. Adele’s 21 has sold 6.6 million copies total, and is expected to move past the 7 million mark next week.

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